Ms. Margaret Baggett

Math Teacher

I am a math teacher because I had great math teachers in school. I love the logical nature of mathematics, and how so much of our real world can be explained mathematically. I grew up in a small town in southwest Mississippi, a dairy farmer’s daughter, and so have a great love for animals, all kinds. I love the outdoors, and can often be found planting something in my yard, especially flowers. My three children are young adults, and have bestowed my husband, Pappy, and myself, Grammy, with three (soon to be four) grandchildren. My family has lived in Duluth over 25 years now, and love the way our little town has grown into a thriving community of which Coleman Middle School is a vital part.

More about Ms. Baggett:

  • Has taught for 3 years at Coleman

Ms. Baggett is a sponsor for:

  • Green Team