The Coleman clinic is available to students who get hurt at school, feel ill, or need to take medication during the day. Parents will be called if students are too sick to remain in school or have been hurt. When your child is ill or not feeling well at home use your best judgment about sending him/her to school. We do not want to risk infecting others. In the event that your child is diagnosed with an infectious or contagious illness/disease please notify the school so that we may take proper precautions to limit spreading the illness.

It is imperative to update telephone numbers and emergency contacts with the school so that in the event of an emergency involving your child we can reach you quickly.

Prescription and/or Over the Counter Medication

Parents must come to the clinic to complete the appropriate paperwork for dispensing of medication at school. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRANSPORT MEDICATION TO AND FROM SCHOOL. This is a policy that must be respected for the safety of all students.